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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Welcome to the very first post!

Well, its official! The new site is up and running. I'm extremely proud of the effort placed to get it all done, and on time!.... You might be wondering, "Hey Sean, what the heck are you planning to post daily, anyway?..." (Monday thru Friday). Well, pretty much anything to get a day started. Might be about events, life, Real Estate, community, great people, you name it!... Actually, I refuse to put a limit on what the subject might be about. I may share only a sentence or two, a video, photo, or perhaps a whole page, who knows! The point is to give you something of value... Inspiration, motivation, laughter, maybe even some tears... its all about connecting and really just sharing life! Hey, feel free to browse through the entire site and let me know what you think... Videos alright?... Could there be improvements?... I'm all ears, so let me know!... by the way more videos are on the way (It's kind of my thing!)... Please know you can always connect with me via the CONTACT page, or simply give me a call! And if you have something to share, or would like me to share for you, let's talk about it and get it out there... as long as its positive, I'm game! Hey, here's something extra to keep in mind: From time to time I'll be holding contests, in which, yes, an actual prize will be given to one lucky winner. Be sure to check in once in awhile as the contests will be completely random, both in timing and type... I will try to give you a little leeway in a future post, so as to have some idea of when an actual contest might be, but then again, this notice would be completely random too!...Also, and this is very important, please excuse my writing skills throughout... I will never claim to be an aspiring writer, but will always be one interesting Realtor, never forget this!... Happy Friday! Enjoy your Weekend! I'll be back at this for Monday's post! -Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun." - Albert Einstein

Oh, I almost forgot... Last night was Copper West's annual "Winterskol", so perhaps this is why my first post is all over the place... Too much fun!

Here's a pic:

Winterskol 2019
Fellow Realtor, Marcus Morgan, General Manager and Realtor, Judy Dutcher, and myself of course (right)... Effort and commitment awards, can't get better than this!

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