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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

What a way to end May!

Today was both fabulous and full of action!..

Have you ever seen a Realtor stumble, or perhaps even "eat it"?... Well, it can happen!

Here's my experience from just this morning:

...Imagine a steep hillside where I can be seen vigorously yanking and twisting on a rather large "For Sale" sign. The intention is to eventually remove the sign from a Client's property... After much time and effort, I start to feel the sign give way, but not yet dislodge... So of course, I decide to give it one more Big tug!.. Before I know it, the sign releases and I'm being sent backwards down the hill!.. Amazing enough, somehow I also manage to land right on top of the sign, which causes me to slide much further than anticipated! (think sledding action) ...Luckily, in the end both sign and I are doing just fine!

...Not my best, but I'm sure it was quite the site!.. :)

On a more uplifting note, I helped Clients close on New Construction today! This was great to experience, since one of the Clients was purchasing for the very first time.. I have to say, one of the best feelings I get from working in this profession is when I can assist someone with their first home purchase. :)

And finally, on another positive note!... It's time to reveal a property I've been waiting to share with you for some time now...

302 Main Street, Mosier OR. (MLS#19408890). *PROPERTY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.*

This property consists of a wonderful, well cared for home. In a great location and close to everything! The fact that the home sits on a double lot (100 ft. x 100 ft.) is a huge bonus!.. Talk about potential! ...And it's not just any double lot. This one has true possibilities... The lot is level on both North and South sections, yet terraced between to help preserve views. The property again, is in a prime location, on the corner of Third Ave. and Main St., right next to downtown! Need I mention the home itself provides lots of charm, history, and many original features. It also has the modern convenience of air conditioning!.. Can't say enough about this one!... You can certainly fall in love and enjoy the property as is, or you can take advantage of the divide-ability and maximize it's full potential... A must see!

(Note: As always, any potential Buyer should perform due diligence regarding all development matters.)

Know that I'm here to answer any questions you have. Contact me anytime.

See you in June everyone!... (That would be Monday :) - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Fridays are the hardest in some ways: you're so close to freedom." - Lauren Oliver

Below are a couple pics from today's Listing. *PROPERTY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.*



302 Main Street, Mosier OR. (MLS#19408890) - Listed by Sean Desmond, Realtor with Copper West Real Estate *PROPERTY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.*

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