• Sean Desmond


Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Cycle of life!

Today, as we move further into the season and the leaves begin to fall, I'm reminded how the life of trees can often mimic our own...

We, ourselves can experience new growth in life, where we are able to shine quite brightly with new found energy and creativity. But after time this energy can start to tire and head towards its expiration. The energy and substance that once shown brightly before now begins to fade. So what do we do?.. We start to look hard within ourselves, and prepare for the next cycle of life. Whether work related or personal, we take time necessary to create new found energy and ideas. Then suddenly, Boom!.. We've grown again, shining brighter and stronger than ever before!

Today, I see the cycle of trees, and so too I see the cycle of us!

It might be cold, it might be windy, and it might rain, but still enjoy your weekend.

It will shine bright again! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Another fall, another turned page..." - Wallace Stegner

Quite a finale out there!

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