• Sean Desmond


Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Going for it!

Today's been a work day... Back into the swing of things!

Yes, even during the Holidays you'll find Real Estate continuing right along...

Today was spent submitting, for Client's, a challenging offer. Both in regards to property characteristics and overall valuation. We've been working on this one for awhile now, and wanted to make sure we had all the necessary information before going for it.

...And now with confidence, we have!

So much can happen in Real Estate, with each transaction always different from the next. Inaccurate and/or missing information can often cause frustration during the process... This is why it's important to find a Real Estate professional who will go the extra mile in spotting a potential issue, and helping you to locate the information needed before making a decision.

...An area I like to concentrate heavily on.

So now that a lot of preparation has been performed, and we've officially registered (submitted the offer), we wait... I'm set in my starting position, listening intently for that familiar sound... Then "Bang!", once I hear it, I'm off in a race for my Client's best interest. :)

Contact me anytime! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Start going the extra mile and opportunity will follow you." - Napoleon Hill

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