• Sean Desmond


No matter which one(s) you choose to celebrate... It's Presidents Day!

What a great Monday!... Gray skies at first, but now sunny!... So what do you think of Presidents Day?... Is it simply a celebration of having a day off (for some)?... Do you ponder a past President who may have been admired, and who may have actually achieved and carried out positive changes for our society?... If not, that's okay... but it may be worth thinking about, even if just a little... I mean truly, if it weren't for some of our past Presidents being elected, we may not be enjoying some of the things we actually do today... Overall, I will keep this short, so everyone please enjoy the day, in what ever fashion you choose! ... We're the United States of America after all, and you have the freedom to do exactly that!...

Until tomorrow! -Sean

Quote of the Day:

"To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do." - John Adams (Our 2nd President)

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