• Sean Desmond


Welcome to June!

Hello Everyone!.. The kiddos will be out of school in about two weeks from now, which aligns well with the summer blitz already starting to take place here in the Gorge!

Fantastic weather we're having! A bit windy as is expected, but surely helps keep the temperatures from feeling too darn hot!.. Looks like we'll have a bit of a cool down after tomorrow, but then right back up, come next week!e

Anyone remember the late snow?.. I probably shouldn't even mention, but it does help confirm just how far we've come in the last few months...

A little surprising in the quickness, but things have really picked up again in Real Estate!.. Low interest rates are certainly helping, and more and more Buyers seem to be coming out of, well, no where! This is certainly a good thing as the increased interest will certainly help balance the large inventory we have... And when I say "large", I'm really speaking in comparison to the low inventory of years past... It might still seem low when compared to other markets in the Country.

There are some really great properties out there!... Low priced commercial, split-able residential, and fantastic townhomes/lofts... It's a good time to take a look!

...I'll be here for questions... A phone call way! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction." - Unknown

... To be honest, the above quote appears to be a shortened version of what was originally written by George Horace Lorimer (very similar anyway). - Sean

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