• Sean Desmond


Into a hot spell!

Feeling the heat lately?.. I sure am. Forecast in the Gorge shows we are staying in the 80"s, then heading back into the 90's by end of this week.

Buyers are active with leads still coming in daily. I have also noticed a lot of inquiries from individuals passing through our area, which helps to prove great interest does remain for the Gorge.

This will be another multi-tasking week for me... Continued studying for license renewal, traveling out to Portland tomorrow for an executive meeting (regarding a local HOA), and of course continuing the profession of serving my Clients well!

Speaking of Clients, we were able to close early today on a great home deal here in Hood River (West side). Honestly, a smooth transaction all the way through.

Well, its already getting late this evening. I want to make sure I stay refreshed for the busy week ahead.

As always, reach me anytime! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"The starting point of all achievement is desire." - Napoleon Hill

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