• Sean Desmond


Goodbye September!

We're officially on the last day on the month, with October eager to step right in.

No denying how cold it was on Sunday! The weekend forecast proved quite accurate. And now, though ever so slowly, we begin climbing back into the 60's. Can't say it will last long, however...

Closed today on a fabulous residential Listing. The new owner(s) should be very proud as they've gained a truly great property. :)

Another potential Listing coming up. This property will be located in Washington, and will offer a rare aspect for today's market. I hope to share and announce this one with you soon!

Felt quite productive overall today, especially given this time of year. Hoping to continue this 'mini trend' into tomorrow. Should any of you have questions, or would like to discuss options, I'll be in the Copper West Studio tomorrow, from 9-1pm (14 Oak St., in Downtown Hood River).

Feel free to stop by! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"The dreamers are the saviors of the world." - James Allen

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