• Sean Desmond


Buyers prowling!

It's Monday and currently calm in Real Estate... I will say showings are happening, and inquires are still coming in, but at a much more casual pace... As the outside temperatures continue to cool, so does our overall market.

Ahh, but don't think I can't notice some of you Buyer's out there, still prowling around like cats, and silently awaiting something to good to pass up... For you I will continue to do my best! ;)

I hope everyone had another fantastic weekend. Let's get through this next week together, one day at a time...

I'm in the Copper West Studio again tomorrow, from 9-1pm. Located at 14 Oak Street, in Downtown Hood River... It's the place to be!

Feel free to stop by! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Passion first and everything will fall into place." - Holly Holm

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