• Sean Desmond


Starting the week off right!

Not too bad for a Monday! For some reason I feel a little pep in my step. Maybe it's the sun?.. and perhaps an excess of vitamin D!..

No matter, its always good to start your week off right!

Getting ready to announce another great listing. Clients and I are doing what we can to get this one out to you as soon as possible. Certainly one to watch out for!

As we get closer to the Thursday Holiday, decorations are showing up more and more in our local neighborhoods... I'm noticing some really great creations out there.

And tell me, why are the stores already doing the Christmas shuffle?.. Can't we slow down, even just a little?.. I'm in desperate need of some face paint!

Alright, not a whole lot to speak of yet...

Let's see what tomorrow brings us! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Skills are cheap. Passion is Priceless" - Gary Vaynerchuk

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