• Sean Desmond


Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Time Crunch!

Deadlines are beginning to accumulate for some of my Clients... And it's so important to stay on top of these 'line of defenses' available. The earlier you can gather inspections and information, negotiate as needed, and come into agreement, the better you stand!

Many might not realize that to negotiate a purchase price is only the beginning of any Real Estate transaction. Even more important is staying ahead of your inspection and contingency timelines... Your protections!

For a Buyer, it is so important to not only know these dates, but to also listen to guidance from your Real Estate professional regarding completing your inspections as early as possible... Give yourself a window of time to deal with the unexpected... Because the unexpected happens, and it won't just go away!

For me, I pride myself on informing my Clients with information and different scenarios relating to what can occur during an inspection, how best to deal with these, and yet still be able move forward with the purchase, if desired.

I couldn't possibly write here, all that can happen during the Real Estate process, but I'm always happy and willing to have a one-on-one discussion about it... My number one (#1) goal is to have my Clients informed, because being informed gives power, and power can ultimately allow one to be their best!

got sean?

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, everyone! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"The dreaming has to be backed up by the doing." - Carrie Wilkerson

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