• Sean Desmond


Low interest rates help!

Hello everyone! Are you aware just how low our current mortgage interest rates are?.. I will tell you they are riding around 4.0% right now, the lowest for at least a year!.. And do you know how low this rate is when compared to the overall history of mortgage interest rates?.. Near the lowest, ever!

I think many can forget how great these times really are for Real Estate, and for buying (mortgaging) a home... Yes, some will argue that prices are higher than ever, but what isn't today?... Doesn't everything go up in price with time?.. Real Estate is no exception... And unless you are paying cash, which is certainly not an option for most, mortgaging a new place with these ultra-low rates is a huge advantage, especially over the long run... Something to think about!

I will also add that these low interest rates can not sustain forever, and will begin to rise again... Taking advantage of them before they do is a great idea. Each quarter percent of increased interest can make a big difference on your monthly payment, especially when accumulated over time... To buy a home now at these current rates can actually be less expensive then buying a lower priced home once rates have increased... It's your financial future, so consider carefully!

Always available for conversation, and always looking forward to speaking with you! -Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Owning a home is a keystone of wealth... both financial affluence and emotional security." - Suze Orman

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