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Life and loyalty!..

If you've ever experienced true loyalty, whether from a friend, a family member, or a loved one, you know how very rare it can be... Loyalty is something special worth honoring. It usually comes from an individual without expectation, and an individual who is willing to give much effort, respect, and care your way, naturally!... A loyal person is usually wired, and even born with the gift to give!.. Always a giver, more than an taker... In life, and with each individual, the degree between giving and taking is near infinity... If you should find an individual on the giving side, you would certainly not want to take this person for granted. While they will give and give, and never expect the same in return, they will still want to be respected for their effort and good nature... If you can not at least recognize the gift of loyalty, the giver usually will not hesitate moving on to share their strength with others who would... Again, always remember how truly rare loyalty can be... If ever forgotten and taken advantage of, it can be taken away quite quickly, where one day you might turn around for what was once comfortable and find that it no longer exists...

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, but when good or even great things come your way, make sure to thank, appreciate, and cherish their existence!

..."Loyalty can mean more to life than you'll ever understand, because of this you'll want to grab hold of it with all that you can!" - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Integrity, loyalty, and communication - This is my promise!" - Sean Desmond

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