• Sean Desmond


"Busyness" and beauty!

A second day of Real Estate Action!... Showings today allowed for viewing of some beautiful properties here in the Gorge. The views from each were quite splendid and diverse. Views of the mountains, orchards, and even the spectacular Columbia River, off in the distance. This last one was a view I hadn't seen before, even though having been in the area many, many times before. And this brings me to how wonderful it is not only to help Clients search for their property of desire, but to also be able and enjoy the outdoors with them as well... Take in the amazing surroundings we have amongst us. Yes, days like this remind me how never to take advantage of the beautiful Columbia Gorge!

We're almost there everyone... Tomorrow's Friday!

If you haven't made plans for the weekend yet, know that temperatures should remain pleasant.

...Enough to get outside and enjoy!

Let's end the week tomorrow. - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"It isn't where you came from. It's where you're going that counts." - Ella Fitzgerald

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