• Sean Desmond


September Humidity!

That's what we're experiencing right now... Doesn't happen often, but whenever the skies begin to darken, almost thunder storm like... expect it to be so!

A couple more inquires came in today... Buyer's are out there, though I would certainly say fishing more now, for something worth keeping, and at a price worth paying! Many homes are still available, and we continue to see agreeable price corrections from Sellers, which eventually do bring their properties into contract.

The market is still alive, but certainly at a more steady pace now. Selective and analytical purchases are the norm, and no longer are there impulsive, grab it while you can offers coming in.

To me, this is actually good. Helps set the future market with having a less drastic swing... A slow and steady Real Estate market is a lot better than having a fast and erratic one, right now.

I hope everyone is getting through their week so far... We're nearing the end.

Back tomorrow to officially do it! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Uncertainty is where things happen. It is where the opportunities - for success, for happiness, for really living - are waiting." - Oliver Burkeman

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