• Sean Desmond


When you're in a funk...

Hey, the reality is this happens to all of us... whether it's too many gray skies in a row, mundane day to day activities, or a recent life experience that may have triggered this mindset... The good news is, its much easier to get out of then you might think!...What's important is to try not to take things so seriously... and believe me, at times, who am I to talk!... Always a work in progress.

Thinking it over some, I actually created a rather simple step by step training program, just this morning... so you know I gave it a lot of thought!... I call this program, "FUNK OUT!"

Basically, its a 3-step process, but your mind can play tricks on you along the way, so extra steps might be necessary...

Please follow the photos below and in sequence, if you happen to be in a funk.

(Note: You may also want to refer back to this post, or contact me directly, if you should experience additional bouts of funk.)

Warning!: ...While I am very much a professional Realtor, just remember I can also be quite interesting!... (just saying).

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!... and relax if you can! -Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." - Mark Black

Steps to Funk Out:

When your having a bad day...

Make a face!

After the initial shame sets in...

Make another!

You should notice yourself begin to relax...

So give it a go once more...


... Now go Funk Out!

Notice: This training has been copyrighted as of 02-19-2019. All rights reserved. - got sean?

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