• Sean Desmond


Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Time to put on the gloves!

This morning was quite cold, and my hands were quite freezing... For the first time this season, I decided to put on the gloves!

We still have sunshine around, but the low temperatures are keeping the ray's effects at bay. There might be a slight warm up towards the end of this week, but unsure whether it will actually make a difference... Guess we'll see!

Remember back when we use to have hand warmers that would activate (heat up) once you snapped the small metal disc?... Well, I just ordered some! Figure they'll come in handy at some point. I plan to stick a few in jacket pockets, and even a couple in the car for Clients... Yep, always thinking about you!

Alright, everyone. Stay bundled up!

It's mid-week tomorrow. - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle

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