• Sean Desmond


Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Listen to yourself!

Listening to yourself, or in other words 'your gut', can be quite useful in life. And while most of us can feel our mind and body trying to tell us something, it can be hard to understand at times.

...Why is this?.. Good question!

I think it's mostly due because we can often rely on outside forces to tell us what's best, and yet the true answer almost always lies within... We just need to work on self-trust, and self-listening... Believe me, it takes practice!

I am no professional in this matter, but have come to find with enough personal experiences in life, that listening to yourself can often be your best bet... For me, when a question remains in mind, and I just can't seem to find the definitive answer, I simply look within and release whatever item, person, or matter is keeping me confused... Again, it can be hard, especially for some of us who want certainty before making any decision, but by releasing from the issue at hand, letting go and moving on through your day or night, the answer will usually come sooner than you think... You are either relieved by the release, or burdened by what is now missing... Ultimately though, you will have been able to listen to yourself, and now be able to move forward accordingly.

And for those who might be worried about missing out when you do release, please keep this in mind... "Good things will always come back to us if its meant to be, and negative things simply won't!"... It's a win, win! :)

So the next time you have difficulty finding your answer, simply release from it... Only then will your true answer actually come, by listening to yourself...

Today, I had this in mind and thought I would share.

Back tomorrow! - Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." - Guillaume Appollinaire

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