• Sean Desmond


Updated: Feb 15, 2019

A break in the weather!

Happy Wednesday everyone!... I'm sure many of you are glad to see a break in the weather. Hood River seems to have really come alive again... certainly was the opposite yesterday! To those of you making the most of it... Yes, I saw you skiing through the streets!... Well, good for you! Life is made to give us variety, and allow for many opportunities.... And I know how during these times stress can also sneak in for some of us... whether its related to not making appointments on time, children being home for another school "Snow Day", or just the stress of driving in the snow itself... The point is to try and let it all float through, and on by, just as it surely floated on in... Eventually, it will all pass, life will go on, and tomorrow will bring new opportunities!

...Okay, I'll mention this story since we're on the subject... Yesterday, at around 4pm, I started heading back from Mosier, along I-84... I don't know if many of you have become aware of the heavy increase in semi-truck traffic in recent years, but this fact certainly came to a forefront yesterday... For those who might not know, Mosier is about 6 miles East of Hood River... a quick 5 minute jaunt, really... a grocery store trip!... Anyway, Hood River happens to be the beginning of ODOT's Snow Zone which require traction devices of any vehicle heading further West... Well, due to our weather, these increased number of semi-trucks were back up for what seemed like miles, and in both lanes, one of which actually became a staging point for installing the required traction devices... Too make a long story short, the ratio of "Truck" to passenger vehicle was almost 10 to 1 (No joke!), and there were possibly a hundred of them... The Drive!... Well, it literally took me 1 whole hour to reach Exit 64, the very first Hood River exit... Unheard of in the Gorge! At first, I thought to myself, "Didn't I leave LA/Portland years ago?"...

Overall, this makes a good point of how stress can certainly creep in during these times... Luckily, I was able to make a mental note of how this occurrence was very unusual, and that it would certainly pass... I simply turned up the radio and allowed the experience to float on by!...

Alright, everyone! Have another great day!... Remember, try not to stress unless its for the good... and if you do still stress, just know it will pass! -Sean

Quote of the Day:

"Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle." - Bill Phillips

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