• Sean Desmond


When it's tough to focus...

Truth is, when we have a big Holiday ahead, and during the week, it can be difficult to stay focused on everyday tasks... Whether planning for the Holiday, deciding on whether to take a long weekend, or continuing to concentrate on what's ahead... The thought of it all can get overwhelming...

You might even ask yourself, "Who would I be letting down?"..

Here's the thing. You won't be letting anyone down... It's your life!

If you do feel the pressure of those relying on you, you might be surprised that these same individuals are quite understanding... After all, they have lives too! Most will appreciate the need for personal and/or family concentration, and that yes, some matters can wait until everyone is at their best again, and recharged!

Taking care of your loved ones, and yourself, is not a weakness, it's a true strength!... And how do we take care of others?.. Simply by spending time with them!

We are all only as good as we feel... There is never a need to apologize for taking a time out, to care, and to enjoy...

So enjoy tomorrow!... It's the 4th! A great time to spend with those you care for, to realize what our Country has accomplished, and to appreciate we're here to experience another wonderful day! -Sean

Quote of the Day:

"And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." - John Steinbeck

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